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Maths Times Tables Calculation Sheets - available through your child's drive.

Times tables

Westbury Park Calculation Policy

Calculation policy - all documents - all year groups 

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Maths Apps

Apps4primaryschools and MrAndrewsOnline are two helpful sites aimed at teachers, parents and children looking for apps to enhance maths learning.

The authors are experienced primary school teachers who have tried out many apps in order to recommend what they consider the best educational apps available. The sites allow you to filter by key stage and subject and each app has a short review. 




Cuisenaire Rods

Cuisenaire rods are an invaluable resource for teaching and learning mathematics and are mentioned throughout our calculation policy. There are many sets available and for use at home we recommend a set of 155 pieces.

The link below will take you to the tts educational suppliers site. Delivery is free for online orders. Should you wish to make a purchase please order your own to your home address. The school will not be taking orders.

The NCETM and NRICH websites have a range of videos and activities to show how Cuisenaire can be used. Ronit Bird’s ‘Cuisenaire’ e-book is also very useful particularly for KS1.

TTS website Cuisenaire