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Year One News

Welcome to Year 1!

Please make sure all uniform (including school shoes) is named. Thank you.


Mrs Duggan, Mrs Holt and Miss Baker














Books we love to read in Year One


 Two Frogs 


Two Frogs by            Chris Wormwell



Cow School 

Cow School by          Andy Cutbill 




Hug by    Jez Alborough






















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Welcome to Year One

Mrs Wilson Mrs Duggan Mrs Challen Miss Baker Mrs Holt

Mrs Wilson, Mrs Duggan, Mrs Challen, Miss Baker and Mrs Holt






 Hello and welcome to the Year 1 page!


We have lots of fun in Year One with many inspiring projects and topics. There are some big changes for our children to get used to - the huge Infant Playground is just one of them, along with a different daily routine from their time in Reception and a bigger emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy skills. But we make sure we also have time to play during the school day. Follow the links to see some photos of us learning, or listen to us reading some of our ‘Exciting Writing’!





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Monday Welcome



Play Maths Lunch Group Time Play Home
Tuesday Welcome



Play Maths Lunch Group Time Play Home
Weds Welcome



Play Maths Lunch Group Time Play Home
Thursday Welcome



Play Maths Lunch Group Time Play Home
Friday Welcome



Play Maths Lunch Assembly Play Home





Our 'home learning' in Year One focuses on reading. We encourage the children to read every day - although we realise that with their busy social lives and extra-curricular activities, this isn't always possible. We send home key words to practise reading along with set books matched to each child's current reading ability. 




We send home keyword sheets regularly throughout the year. This is in addition to weekly reading books.                                                Click here for the current Show and Tell rota!                                                                    




Term 1 - Megastructures! We will be thinking about famous buildings and bridges around the world so if you have any great books or photos at home, bring them in to share!


Great games for Year One



Rhyming Rockets Sing Up


Dinosaur Egg


word spotter Lifeguards Phonic sounds Pay For It

Words and Pictures

Poisson Rouge Starship Maths Phonics Play


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